Today, and other conundrums

mammaw and janet (2)There is something to be said for not sharing a poem that is just hours old.  Like all newborns, perhaps it should be sheltered from the outside world for a little while.  And there certainly is something to be said for not sharing a poem that made the poet cry before she had even finished writing it, a poem so fraught and wrought with emotion that a Wordsworthian cooling off period is advisable.  In fact, it would not surprise me to learn that all those “somethings to be said for not” such a sharing are right in line with conventional wisdom.  Well, as I like to say about writing sometimes, “Rules were made to be considered.” Continue reading “Today, and other conundrums”

In Pursuit of a Renaissance

sunrise at the lakeIt is that time of year when I feel renewed (or feel that I should feel renewed!).  I always liked this time of year and going back to school; I always liked the opportunity to learn something new.  It’s little wonder, then, that when autumn comes and I watch as my daughter prepares for her new routine, I begin to prepare for mine.

After the productive June I experienced while on my extended retreat, I succumbed to “real life” once I came home, and have felt a bit of a let down because of it.  The disciplines I had established changed, to say the least, although, thankfully, they did not disappear completely.  I have still managed a pretty good schedule with exercise and writing (and reading), but it has been more haphazard here than it was down there.  I have many more obligations here than at my June getaway … naturally, the demands and responsibilities here at home are what make going there a “retreat.” Continue reading “In Pursuit of a Renaissance”