Poesy …

IMG_1515 (2)In my Poet’s Dictionary (by William Packard), poetry is defined simply as, “The rhythmic creation of beauty in words.”  Naturally, there is more to say, so the entry goes on for a full two pages, and includes some definitions that poets, like Wordsworth and Dickinson among others, have offered throughout history.

I find poetry easier to experience than to define.

This past week, I had the opportunity to travel to the mountains.  Whenever I can do so, I like to take detours … the more lonesome the detour, the better.  One of my favorites on this particular trip takes me off an annoyingly busy mountain highway and onto a two-lane, sometimes one-lane, sometimes partially unpaved road.  It is full of hairpin curves and mostly empty of other travelers.  I like the curves not only because they force me to slow way down, but also because it seems to me that everywhere I go lately, curves in the road are being made straight (pick your own metaphorical application).

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