My First Time

Sorry for the misleading post title.  I’m not really a “blogging novice,” as that title implies.  In fact, I have been blogging, anonymously, about politics for several years now.  The reasons I blog “incognito” elsewhere are numerous and complicated; suffice it to say that, one day, all will be revealed.  Although it may not be time to introduce myself to the world, by name, as a political pundit, I do think it’s time to introduce myself more fully as a poet and writer of fiction.  So … this post is my inaugural foray into the world of promoting my published and soon-to-be-published works (see more next door under “About SBL”).  I also foresee using this space for the purposes of publicizing upcoming events of interest, to share information about my work, both published and ongoing, and to host discussions about the writing (and reading) life.  Writing is an endeavor undertaken in isolation that affirms our connections to one another, and makes us feel a sense of community with all people.  This seeming paradox is just one of the many conundrums poets and writers encounter on their respective journeys, which may account for why so many of us are just a little bit crazy … in a good way.   

More, much more, later. 

Thank you for your interest.  Peace.

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