“What Fresh Hell is This?”

valentineI wonder if Ms. Parker ever faced the dilemma I am facing this week.  In the last two days, I have written over 20 pages of, I believe, a short story.  However, based on the following facts, I hesitate to use the label “short story:”  this particular story does not seem to want to end; the characters in this story have taken up permanent residence in my every waking minute; the last time I was so inhabited by a character, I ended up writing a novella!

What’s the problem? you may well ask.  Let me list the problems in order of my level of concern:

Problem 1: This particular story is unlike anything I have ever written.  It appears to be a “romance?”  It’s a little steamy, but it may just be trashy!  I have no experience writing in this genre.  For all I know, the descriptions of the close encounters are cliche, the circumstances unlikely, and the plot just plain silly (although, I have to admit, I am liking the dialogue so far).  Continue reading ““What Fresh Hell is This?””