No “Three Poems for Thursday,” So How About “Fiction Friday?”

Is it weird that I can figure out how to post video and use a webcam, but I can’t figure out how to turn off the ringer on my phone? Anyway, this is me reading the prologue of the historical novel on which I am currently working.

I first started doing the research for this novel about ten years ago.  I know that sounds like a long time, but I let my curiosity take me wherever it would.  In the meantime, I got busy actually writing other things.  After a few false starts a couple of years apart, finally within the last year I streamlined my research and began the writing of the novel in earnest.

Feedback is very welcome and appreciated.  Sharing my draft fiction is a bit scarier for me than sharing my draft poetry, but here goes.

2 thoughts on “No “Three Poems for Thursday,” So How About “Fiction Friday?”

  1. Ann

    And the snow is here — what an experience this was, Suz, to hear your prologue. I felt like I was back at Carribou or at your breakfast table. I wish I could tell you my response in person. (I guess I could, but it’s late and I seem to be hibernating these winter days — well, maybe I’ll just have to pick up the phone….) But in case I don’t…I was absolutely riveted. You blew me away! I can not wait to hear more…all 34,085 words or however many you have. This is something special!

  2. Gilda

    Yah, ha………loved hearing you read “this,” and you know how I love reading about Death, Dying & Dancing. You keep going girl!

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