Three Poems for Thursday

Welcome to a mini-reading! In the first frame, I read Dannye Romine Powell’s poem “Everyone is Afraid of Something” from her wonderful book, A Necklace of Bees (that title comes from a line in this poem); and, I read Jennifer K. Sweeney’s poem “Nocturne” from her beautiful new book, How To Live On Bread and Music. In the second frame, I read my poem, “Making Peace,” which was an Honorable Mention in The Writers’ Workshop 2003 Poetry Contest.  Hope you enjoy these vids – I suspect they will get “rowdier” once I am comfortable with the technology (look out!).

2 thoughts on “Three Poems for Thursday

  1. Ann

    Awesome!! Hey, I like the hair and the backdrop of books — and of course the poems. I definitely need to sign up for your next blog workshop. It’s way past time!

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