A Little Friday Funnin’

(wherein I explain why I didn’t read Three Poems for Thursday yesterday, and give you some information about snow cream.  In the first clip, we begin by knowing that if you have no electricity/power, you won’t be able to cook on an electric stove; and, if your power is out for a long time, the stuff in your fridge is going to spoil … In the second clip, I actually read some poems.)

5 thoughts on “A Little Friday Funnin’

  1. Ann

    Oh, Suz! You not only had me rolling on the floor laughing, but Mr. Columbus (who wasn’t even listening) couldn’t help but chuckle along. Too funny! I’ll be back tomorrow to listen to the poetry (that is, if the winter storm and Bubba don’t know out my power).
    Love ya much!

  2. suzanneleitner

    Well, it’s snow for sure this time! I bet it’s beautiful at your house in the woods. I miss you, but it makes me smile to see you here!

  3. Ann

    Well, it took me an extra day to get back here — but that’s because we did have the snow storm and we’ve been outside sledding. How’s that for an excuse? Anyway, so glad I came back because these poems are awesome. Let me just say, “Wow!” about your persona poem. It drew me right in — and I became the persona. Great stuff! And it was so good to hear the poem about your grandmother again. Another great big ole “Wow!” Thanks for sharing these!

  4. This was a real joy, watching you, listening to you, hearing ur enchanting cadence; I was must struck by the quilt you were holding; of course the staples of a snowtorm was just a gas…….great talent mi amiga, keep it coming, lv LGL

  5. suzanneleitner

    Ann, thank you. I’m glad you got to have some fun in the snow! I’ll tell you more about the persona poem when I get further along with some more of them.

    Luis, you are way too kind. Thank you for the compliments and the encouragement. Hope your own writing is coming along.

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