The Tuesday Project: Update with Pictures

The Tuesday Project that my mother and I have embarked upon together is going quite well.  By “quite well,” of course, I mean we are having a blast.  Some things I have learned thus far:  I cannot paint.  My mother can paint.  I don’t knit very well.  My mother knits fairly well.  Knitting makes us both laugh for no apparent reason (of course, when you see our knitting, you may laugh too!).

We are off by a week because the painting took us so long, so we won’t start our next project until next week.  For the next few weeks, my mother is going to teach me the ancient art of Tai chi (we were going to cook, but neither of us really wanted to do that – presumably, there will be no dishes to clean up after we practice Tai chi).

To see some pictures of our efforts, click on “Read the rest of this entry.”  Please keep in mind that we are not claiming to be good at these things we are trying to learn about by putting our hands to them: that’s exactly why I am showing you these pictures.  Maybe it will inspire some of you to try a new process, regardless of the “success” of the outcome.  Continue reading “The Tuesday Project: Update with Pictures”