“It’s Trying to Be a Sonnet…”

For several years, I have conducted poetry workshops for children in the schools in my area.  Some years I am only invited to do one or two; other years are busier.  Often, I am asked by either teacher or student to explain why I write more free verse poetry than formal poetry.  I suppose the answer is, I don’t know.    As the definition provided above from the Poetry Archive site, as well as the title of this post, indicate, it isn’t necessarily up to me.  From the Poetry Archive:

What free verse claims to be free from is the constraints of regular metre and fixed forms. This makes the poem free to find its own shape according to what the poet – or the poem – wants to say, but still allows him or her to use rhyme, alliteration, rhythms or cadences (etc) to achieve the effects that s/he feels are appropriate.

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