April 9 Poem: Taking a Break

Hi all. I am taking a break from the Dictionary prompt today, because today was a travel day, and I am just about out of creative energy.  I did want to post a poem, however.  So with no device in mind, I give you the following poem written a couple of years ago.  Thanks for reading!

Still Life
(by Suzanne Baldwin Leitner)

She sits with no list
of things to do
no phone calls
to make
or receive
no bus to wait for
no door to listen
for or at or through.
No one to see.
Windows – glass and wood
separate her from the world
and she separates bottles
from cans, bottles and cans
from their contents,
content with numb
ticking of a clock
she won’t wind.
When she was busy
her days flew
and her nights were brief
resting places
for her mind, her fast-talking
mind. The hours
stacked neatly and quickly
one by one the way cards
stack neatly and quickly
one by one when shuffled
by the deft hands of players
taking turns dealing, too fast to see
the sly wink of Jack
or stern look of Queen
or haughty stare of King
or lonely perfection of Ace
or the scrolling and symmetry
or craft of numbers.
This day’s hours are like the turning
of pages of a magazine, glossy
slick, slow;
but there are no pictures.

One thought on “April 9 Poem: Taking a Break

  1. Suzanne B. Leitner

    Correction made to the poem! I really should not post here when I am tired…
    “…of craft with numbers” was meant to be “or craft of numbers.”

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