"Habits change into character." – Ovid

Beginning a couple of years ago, I have tried to start every day the same way. On waking, before I even sit up, I set an intention for myself (be calm, be kind, be productive, be present, be funny, etc.). Then I either meditate on that intention or I pray. The prayer is always the same. I ask for help in meeting my daily intention. I ask for healing for a list of people whom I know are dealing with illness. I ask for continued blessings and protection of all my families. I ask for comfort and blessings on all those whom I know are grieving some loss or another.

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Brief Update

I just wanted to alert readers to the fact that there is a new page up on the blog, called “Upcoming Events.”  Click there to get information about upcoming readings and events in which I am participating or am “endorsing” as a good way to spend some time!

There is currently one event listed as of this writing:  I will be reading with poet Eric Weil at UNC-G this coming Friday.  Go to “Upcoming Events” for more information.  As always, thanks for reading!